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Based on experience with our customers, we have classified our services into the most common solutions

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Thanks to self-monitoring, we can maintain product quality at the top level. Whether you're in pharmaceutical or food industry, self-monitoring have to be implemented throughout the whole supply chain to enhance sustainability of operations.

Without a digital system, you have to write down the temperature on paper. The problem is that you record only a few values and you can’t know what was the temperature at other times. Plus, you won’t receive alerts if accidents happen.

Regardless of your field of business and the warehouse's size, we'll find a cost-effective solution. Besides, you can always set up the sensors yourself with no effort. In the Loggs Cloud your data is safe and easy to manage.


  • Industry regulations
    Meet legal requirements easily with Loggs
  • Alerts
    Avoid financial losses with instant alerts about critical changes in the environment
  • Automation
    Save up to 90% of the time you spend on manual monitoring
  • Reporting
    Export circumstance reports from specific time periods from the Loggs Cloud
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  • Simple equipment
    Everything you need to start is our data loggers and a mobile device with the Loggs App
  • Alerts
    Avoid financial losses with instant alerts about critical changes in the environment
  • Any scale
    Whether you're a local bicycle delivery or international special transportation, you'll find a solution from us
  • Multiple locations
    Monitor multiple transportations in one system
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  • Easy set-up
    Our wireless system enables easy set-up even if you have many measurement points
  • Alerts
    Avoid financial losses with instant alerts about critical changes in the environment
  • Any size
    Monitor space of any size from small storages to huge halls.
  • Multipurpose
    With this solution you can monitor numerous locations and even transportations
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  • Different locations
    Monitor numerous locations with this single solution
  • Alerts
    Prevent damages at all construction phases with alerts about critical changes in the environment
  • Development
    Optimize your construction processes
  • Better environment
    Provide better indoor environment for people and valuables stored inside
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  • Flexibility
    Our ready-made solutions fit countless different industries
  • Expertise
    Our production team is made of electronics, software, and IoT experts who have started their professional journeys back in the 20th century
  • Customization
    We design personalized solutions for your unique needs
  • Integration
    Our solution can be integrated into your current system
We combine our simple technologies to create the best solution for you. Starting from the device installation, your experience with Loggs will be plain sailing. If needed, we also provide installation services.
  • All data is managed in the Loggs Cloud
  • Our devices are reliable and easy to use
  • We create custom solutions if necessary
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