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Logistics business since 1937

Vähälä Logistics Ltd is a family-owned company which provides transportation for any kind of freight starting from small packages and up to special cargo. In total, Vähälä owns hundreds of units of trucks and trailers.

Juha Salonen, a Financial and Production Director at Vähälä, told us how they’ve been using a Loggs’ monitoring system in transportations and logistics terminals.

Proper circumstances in transportations

In Vähälä’s operations, circumstance monitoring is the most important for medicine and groceries transportation.

When transporting medicine and groceries, circumstance monitoring is required by the authorities because these goods are highly sensitive to the environment.

Besides legal requirements, circumstance data is essential for improving the quality of internal operations. For example, it confirms that transportations have been done in proper conditions and no incidents have happened. Even if a problem arises it can be treated on time so the risk of damages is gone.

Apart from transportations, Loggs’ solutions are used in logistics terminals. Terminals are often a part of the pharmaceutical supply chain which is strictly monitored according to the regulations. In addition, Loggs’ system is also used for humidity monitoring in lightweight storages. Right humidity levels are maintained by special equipment yet malfunctions can happen anytime so it’s crucial to get alerts.

Simple and flexible monitoring  

Salonen says that the Loggs’ system suits Vähälä’s activities really well. Most importantly, the Loggs Cloud was easily integrated into the current system and daily operations. For instance, drivers already have mobile devices to use the Loggs Cloud with. Less devices in a truck means more comfort for the drivers. In addition, owning more devices also brings more maintenance costs. Previous monitoring system was pretty hard to use and not as flexible.

Since Loggs’ solutions are easy to use there’s been no need for constant support. When there are hundreds of  trucks and trailers in the fleet, the service costs can grow significantly.

Salonen shares that it’s been a pleasure to cooperate with Loggs. Flexibility is especially important since Vähälä is a family company and sometimes decisions are made quickly. Mutual understanding has facilitated planning and implementing the solutions. If service is ever needed, Loggs is immediately available for help. Customization has also been possible with Loggs: a small extra feature for the mobile app has been developed specifically for Vähälä.

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