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Special logistics

Silvasti Oy is the biggest special logistics company in the Nordic countries. They’re experts in transporting heavy and oversized cargos such as wind turbines. Their customers represent a variety of industrial and freight forwarding firms. The cornerstones of Silvasti’s approach are profound expertise, tailored service, and efficient teamwork.

Jari Sihvonen, a fleet manager at Silvasti, shares how they use a Loggs monitoring solution for fail-safe transportation of paper machine rolls.

Keeping the cargo safe

When transporting the rolls in winter, diesel powered heaters are put inside the truck’s trailer to maintain the proper climate. Nevertheless, you always need to keep an eye on the temperature inside the trailer. If it gets too low, the cold will damage the fragile ceramic surface of the rolls.

Earlier, the temperature was monitored manually with two different devices. One device was in the truck and displayed real-time data. Another device which recorded the temperature was in the trailer. Only after transportation the temperature report produced by the latter device could be printed out and checked. Moreover, it wasn’t possible to get alerts from either devices if excursions happened.

This is why since the end of 2018 Silvasti has been using a real-time temperature monitoring system by Loggs. The idea is simple: Log-LR temperature sensors and a Cloud-Link LR gateway are placed inside trailers which are then can be connected to different trucks.

Jari admits that Silvasti has tested other monitoring systems yet they did not meet the needs and were returned.

Quality & trust

Maintaining a dominant position on the market is never easy and innovative ideas are needed. With Loggs temperature monitoring system, Silvasti has been able to avoid damages to the transported goods and financial losses.

Jari highlights several valuable reasons to use Loggs monitoring system. First of all, system warnings immediately notify if the temperature has gone below the limit or the truck’s battery level is low so you can prevent potential issues on time. Next, temperature history is accessible anytime in the Loggs Cloud. There, you can also generate Excel reports and easily share them with the clients to verify that the transportation has been done properly. On top of that, the system is user friendly and reliable. It is also flexible because it works even abroad. For example, Silvasti has been using Loggs solution in Russia, where the major part of the operations takes place.

Jari appreciates the additional service and support which are always available for Loggs solutions. Now Silvasti enjoys a complete solution which takes care of circumstance monitoring, reporting, and warning when needed. Most importantly, the system has been working with no errors, as observed by Jari.

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