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Seinäjoki Energy

Countrywide electricity provider

Seinäjoki Energy provides electricity to companies and consumers all over Finland. In Southern Ostrobothnia, they also provide water and heat. Seppo Haapamäki has been working at Seinäjoki Energy since 2012 and now he’s an IT Manager. He shared with us how a Loggs’ solution has been used at Seinäjoki Energy for monitoring temperature and humidity in data centers.

Secure data centers

Loggs solutions are used at Seinäjoki Energy for monitoring and confirming the circumstances are right in the data centers. This helps to ensure the data centers  will operate normally in extreme situations too. Losses from accidents would be not only monetary so safety and quality are vital in monitoring for Seinäjoki Energy.

Reliable public infrastructure  

Loggs’ monitoring system is essential for ensuring the data centers are operating normally. If air conditioning at a data center breaks down then the temperature quickly rises. In the worst case scenario, the electronics may become damaged and cause other losses as a result. Thus, Loggs plays an important role in maintaining the public infrastructure.

At first, Seinäjoki Energy considered other monitoring options and tried devices of a lower quality. Soon after they realized that a more reliable solution is needed for monitoring the data centers. Haapamäki says Loggs was easy to choose because of the reasonable pricing and simplicity of the services. Overall, the Loggs’ solutions met all requirements of Seinäjoki Energy and the cooperation has always been smooth. Moreover, the devices are easy to configure and extra measurement points can be added later which is an especially important feature for Seinäjoki Energy.

Speaking of the Loggs Cloud, at Seinäjoki Energy it’s mostly used for managing alerts. Also, the data history graphs help to spot deviations in the circumstances, analyze and fix them. Haapamäki admits that the Loggs Cloud has always been easy to use.

Seinäjoki Energy aims to develop their systems proactively. Due to the coronavirus the data centers are now loaded more than usual. Loggs monitoring system has been contributing to ensuring smooth operations despite the difficult time.

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