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Magnum Medical

Thanks to Loggs’ solution, Magnum Medical Finland Ltd ensures the quality of the medicines and prevents accidents in a large medicine storage.

Pharmaceutical wholesale

Magnum Medical Finland Ltd is a part of Magnum Group which is the biggest pharmaceutical wholesaler in the Baltic countries. In Finland, they distribute medicines to hospitals, pharmacies, and veterinary clinics.

Laura Huotari is a Quality Director at Magnum Medical Finland. For over 10 years, she’s been working with quality assurance in the pharmaceutical wholesale industry. We discussed with her how Magnum Medical Finland has revamped their supply chain with Loggs’ monitoring solutions.  

Laura Huotari

Lawful and safe business operations

Medicines are strong chemical substances which can be life-threatening if stored improperly. Therefore, pharmaceutical industry participants must follow a great number of regulations to ensure safety of distributed medication. These regulations are found on different levels. In Finland, you have to follow Finnish local pharmaceutical laws along with EU regulations (e.g. Good Distribution Practice).

Magnum Medical Finland came across Loggs when they were searching for a freezer monitoring solution. During the trial period, they realized that Loggs’ technology is a great fit for their monitoring needs. For example, wireless connection turned out to work excellent despite the freezer’s heavy metal structure. Wired sensors are burdensome to install, set up, and modify when there’re many measurement points. So, adaptable wireless sensors are indispensable to Magnum Medical Finland.

In the pharmaceutical industry, purchase decisions have to be based on justified reasons and evidence, not simply assumptions. The trial period was decisive for continuing the cooperation since it had proved through experience that the solution was worthy. When researching other monitoring options, Magnum Medical Finland noticed that none are as flexible and fit.

Huotari says that digital monitoring solutions have helped Magnum Medical Finland to improve the internal operations and quality delivered to stakeholders.

Innovative monitoring system  

Magnum Medical Finland has almost 70 Log-LR sensors installed at a large medicine storage (over 10 000 m²) for real-time circumstance monitoring. Loggs determined the sensors’ locations using temperature mapping. The results of temperature mapping showed the hottest and coldest points which have been closely monitored to ensure consistent temperature everywhere in the storage.

Loggs’ monitoring system is highly convenient because it’s cloud-based so circumstance data is always accessible. If an alert has arrived, you check the current situation in the Loggs Cloud even though you’re not actually there. Another benefit is that all people who need access to this data have their own accounts. Furthermore, reporting tools are handy because Huotari delivers reports weekly.

Real-time monitoring allows responding on time if something unexpected happens. In the pharmaceutical industry, tiny deviations can result in financial damage equal to a million euros. Besides, manufacturers set their own requirements. For example, if medication has been in wrong temperature for two hours then it might have to be destroyed.

Huotari shares that Loggs has always been a customer-oriented partner. As a result, Magnum Medical Finland has acquired a monitoring system perfectly suitable for their needs. Ordering and installing devices without support would have never been as helpful.

Huotari especially appreciates that Loggs has never ignored the strict pharmaceutical regulations, which hasn’t been the case with some other partners. It has always been possible to get all required documentation (e.g. how the Loggs Cloud functions).

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